Upcoming Races

Keep checking this page for the races we know about coming up in Alberta

Red Rock Union Conquer the Ridge – October 14th 2017, Medicine Hat

X Warrior X Run – October 22nd 2017, Calgary 4-0-300alternategrey

X Warrior X Run – October 29th 2017, Edmonton

X Warrior Challenge Stadium Sprint – May 12th 2018, Calgary 4-0-300alternate

The 5K Foam Fest – June 23rd 2018, Red Deer

The 5K Foam Fest – July 7th 2018, Leduc

Rugged Maniac – July 28th 2018, Calgary

Mud Hero – August 11th 2018, Red Deer

4-0-300alternategrey 4-0-300 members have signed up for these races
4-0-300alternate 4-0-300 members are planning on racing these races, but are not signed up yet