Alberta is the sum of its parts, both the land and its people.

Our landscapes are the envy of the world. Alberta prairies are not only vital but beautiful. Forests, tall,  lush, and full of wildlife are fed by our powerful rivers and majestic lakes. These towering mountains are as breathtaking as they can be harsh.

The citizens of this province are a unique, diverse, tough, and unconquerable breed; from the western culture of the farmers, ranchers and cowboys to the modern businessman working in the concrete jungle-we are stronger together. We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty, to roll up our sleeves to get the job done – even if the burden was not originally ours to bear. We are forged in ice by a cold that would scare off others. We prove over, and over, that we are stronger and more resilient than fires or floods. We are not beaten down when getting pelted by hail, nor thrown by winds strong enough to peel shingles off our roofs. . We have oil in our blood, with an attitude that says: We can’t be stopped because WE ARE STRONG AND FREE!!

It is for these people that we started the 4-0-300 Project. Here the concept is to encourage, educate, and inform those looking for more information, interested in starting, or even those already involved in OCR (obstacle course racing).



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