Race Review: X Warrior Wilderness Sprint 2019

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Ok first I’ll apologize for not getting any new content up in a really long time, life has been super busy something I may write about soon. Having said that post NUMBER 100!!! When I started this project I never thought I would get here so thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read even one paragraph here. Without further ado, here is the race review.

X Warrior Wilderness 2019 Map

Location:  Boneyard OCR Compound, Barrhead, Alberta


Weather: Was a pretty cool morning, even had a layer of for over the course as we were arriving. Warmed up throughout the day to the low 20’s Celsius.


Festival Area: Not much of one to be honest. A couple of food trucks and a X Warrior merchandise tent which had some really cool products though. You have to remember the remoteness of the location.


Course Conditions: Course was in better condition than when I was there for Black-Ops as I don’t think it had rained recently. We were running on mostly knocked over grass or softer dirt so it was pretty easy on the legs. The uphills were nowhere near as slippery as Black-Ops so that made for being able to run them more, not there was a lot of uphill.


Course Layout: I was expecting to run the exact same loop as Black-Ops but the course designer did a great job of changing it up. While the there was a few spots were the two matched up, if it hadn’t we wouldn’t have as many obstacles so don’t take that as a criticism. The obstacles were relatively spread out over the first half and became more of a gauntlet towards the end which made it a more interesting test, I liked that layout.


Favorite Obstacle: Hanging Wall, a ninja style obstacle similar in concept to Olympus but the whole thing was different panels and a cargo net that moved independently from each other. It was challenge but a fun obstacle.


Favorite Aspect: The location, it’s so nice running through the silence of nature. I was zoned into enjoying the noises of the forest, such a wicked spot for a race.


Race Synopsis: I can’t really remember my goals for this race. I had been dealing with a sprained ankle for most of year so I was happy to get through the race without making it worse. I actually ran pretty well and was very happy with my time.


Total Penalties: 6 penalty laps

Failed the Ninja walk, high and low rigs, the rings, Mountain Climber (Olympus without the holes or chains and only narrow painted holds) and the peg Z wall. Tough day for me out there.

X Warrior wilderness 2019 chimes
The Chimes


Access A-
Course Layout A+
Incorporation of Site A+
Course Marking A
Location A+
Overall A



Biggest Critique: Is for myself I didn’t work on my weaknesses enough so I can’t complain about failing so many obstacles



Lessons Learnt:

  • Same old same old weaknesses need work
  • Not to ever expect the same race twice at the Boneyard
  • Expect a tough twist on old obstacles with X Warrior, their obstacles while not insanely difficult are a tougher test then say a Spartan Sprint

X Warrior wilderness 2019 fog

Scotty Voodoo
I am a proud father & husband. A former semi-pro skier, turned rugby 7’s player, I’ve now worked to become a OCR racer.
A level 2 NCCP certified coach, I also hold coaching certifications in 3 sports.



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