Race Review: Calgary Spartan Super 2019

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Location:  Wildrose MX, Calgary, Alberta


Weather: Was kind of a perfect day for running. It was just cold enough to cool you down while running but not so hot as to feel like there was a risk of overheating. The high was 24° although it never felt like it.


Festival Area: Not much going on this year even though there was a good number of vendors. There was less racers for the Super than the day before for the Sprint and most seemed to want to leave right away so it was quiet.


Course Conditions: The usual Wildrose blend of hard dry dirty motocross track but with a few more forays into the trees which always tend to have some thick mud.


Course Layout: They really tried to use every inch they could at the site to fit a super into a relatively small venue. The course started off with about 3 kilometers of flat running with only a few obstacles. After that we went through what I was calling the “Ant Hill” which was going up and down the same hill repeatedly, again mostly to increase the distance covered overall with a few obstacles thrown in and one hill I was very glad not to be doing a heavy carry on, as it seemed like the type of pitch Spartan would have done that in past years. As with most Supers there is usually more distance between obstacles and this race was no different. There were a few obstacle gauntlets usually very well paired up to hit the same muscles but in different ways to increase the difficulty, such as bucket carry right into sandbag carry. Towards the end the obstacles became denser leading to an increase in energy output, leaving you pretty gassed towards the end.


Favorite Obstacle: Maybe Bender not that it was hard or anything just a new challenge is always welcome.


Favorite Aspect: Was a little bit of friendly competition. I talked with another racer from my heat for close to 45 minutes before the lining up and we pushed each other in this race which was awesome.


Race Synopsis: I had no expectations going into this race which usually for me leads to a better race. I was able to stick to my pace early even though I was having that friendly competition with the other racer. My running felt good despite lack of training and I thought the obstacle layout really played into my strengths so I was very happy with the race.

Total Penalties: 60 burpees

Rope climb and the Platinum Rig took me down, but I did have two good saves during this race on Olympus and Z Wall. Rope Climb I made it halfway but then the struggle I’m having mentally about getting down kicked in and I froze then failed. As for the rig I tried to skip a hold that looked difficult and ended up with my momentum pulling off, maybe lessoned learned to just try it but who know with me.


Access A
Course Layout A-
Incorporation of Site A+
Course Marking A
Location A
Overall A


They did fix my biggest complaint about last year by removing unnecessary bottlenecks, putting obstacles where there was still room for faster racers to get by slower racers so I’m very happy about that.


Biggest Critique: I didn’t really have one so I’ll nitpick and say putting the racers through whatever the hell makes the water on the course smell so awful, again not a big deal but I did have to wash my clothes more than once.


Lessons Learnt:

  • Need to work on the Rope Climb mental game (I didn’t even change the wording on that from last year just left it)
  • While they’re not my favorite race to train for, Supers seem to be my best race distance

calgary spartan super 2019 slip wall

Scotty Voodoo
I am a proud father & husband. A former semi-pro skier, turned rugby 7’s player, I’ve now worked to become a OCR racer.
A level 2 NCCP certified coach, I also hold coaching certifications in 3 sports. I also have an injury that affected my season that I’ll get into during one of the next two articles

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