Race Build-Up: X Warrior Calgary Sprint 2019

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A little late as I forgot to hit publish on Friday and the race was Saturday but here are my thoughts going into the X Warrior Calgary Sprint.

This year’s X Warrior sprint has me equal parts intrigued and excited. The biggest change to this year adaptation is a change in venue going from the Stampede Grounds downtown out to the west edge of the city at Canada Olympic Park. Now to me this change means that the challenge of this race will go up and the race organizers have said as much over social media. The Stampede Grandstand as a venue is flat other than the stairs inside the building but now you’re going to be running around a ski hill, not the biggest in the area by any means but still a ski hill so I would imagine we will be doing some climbing and probably more than one time. The other tease that has come over the last few days that I’m interested to see what happens is they have been posting pictures of and talking about snow that is still on the hill, which I’m all for but could be interested to see how it is implemented. Now as for what to expect in terms of obstacles and course design I’m really unsure as in previous years X Warrior was probably the best entry level race but with the change in venue and being another year into their growth I wonder if this is the time they beef up the challenge a little more or if they give the racers a year to adjust to an already different test.

Now on a personal level this ski hill was my second home for years when I was teaching and then coaching skiing there for close to a decade. I would spend 12-14 hours there a day almost every day for the entire winter and for that matter a few summers as well. It’s going to be weird going back having only been back once or twice since I burnt-out on coaching 5 years ago to run a race. I’m also excited to be able to just run though as I don’t need do the “stop and enjoy the scenery thing” as the views from the hill are pretty much imbedded in my mind now. Now having said that I know I will enjoy seeing how they use all the different little areas of the hill that I associate with something completely different.

For how I’m feeling training wise going into this race I feel pretty ready. My running is feeling better than usual, although I’m not sure about uphill as I haven’t really worked on that enough. The training I’m doing for Black Ops has me feeling like a sprint should go well but those could be famous last words. My goal for the race is to be consistent and hopefully finish in the top 15% of the open class, with no more then 3 penalty laps for failed obstacles, that’s the plan as of now anyway.

X Warrior has been one of the best run events of the year consistently and one I always talk up, so let’s see if this year’s lives up to expectations.

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Scotty Voodoo
I am a proud father & husband. A former semi-pro skier, turned rugby 7’s player, I’ve now worked to become a OCR racer.
A level 2 NCCP certified coach, I also hold coaching certifications in 3 sports.



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