Season Review: 2018 Season Recap and 2019 goals

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While not my busiest year in OCR 2018 was easily my most successful and rewarding. 2017 had been a mixed bag, so this year I just wanted to enjoy racing again while seeing improvement. Now looking back at my results, I did improve and after the season I was already wanting 2019 to start which was not quite the same feeling I had last year.


My goals for 2018 were:

 Amount of Races

Ideal: 4 races

Realistic: 5

Result: I stuck to my guns and as much as I wanted to add extra races I stuck to 4 races only. I think this was the biggest reason I had a great year. I was able to avoid burnout by narrowing my scope to a few key races and also avoided overtraining which I can be prone to doing.


Finishing time

Ideal: 50-minute finish time

Realistic: is to shave 2 minutes off my best finish time at each venue.

Result: I hit both goals here. At the X Warrior Stadium race I was able to break the 50-minute plateau I had been stuck on in the 5k distance. While every other race I was focusing on I came in 5 to 20 minutes faster over the same events last year with comparable race distances.



Goal: is to get 10 other racers out.

Result: Probably the hardest goal for me every year, I was able to get 4 friends out and had probably my favorite lap of the year running as a team during the Stadium Sprint.


Blog Goals

Goal:  Was to get to 120 articles.

Results:  A little too ambitious here, as the numbers for my weekly updates showed that those aren’t the most popular articles so I eased off on those. I had also hoped to find an extra contributor to write some article but alas you are still stuck with just me…. for now.


Overall, I think this means my “Year of Better” lived up to its billing as I was able to accomplish the majority of my goals. Now for 2019 I’m going with a new branding for the year, it will be the “Year of the Battle Axe”.


2019 Goals

Earn my Battle Axe.

It’s the big goal and the focus for this year everything else is secondary really.


Amount of Races

Ideal: 6 races

Realistic: 6-8

Now I have to bump up the number of races I’m doing this year to accomplish my main goal of earning my X Warrior Battle Axe. I have to run 5 of their events to earn that prize so I will be doing that, plus I have a Spartan volunteer code to use as well. 2 of the X Warrior events I need to complete are X Runs and those are OCR-Light as I like to call them, so that bumps the number up but not the physical toll.


Finishing time

Ideal: Finish in the top 5% in the open category

Realistic: Top 10% in the open category

I was able to hit the realistic mark this year so I’m increasing it on the ideal side. If I’m able to hit this goal more than once it probably means I’ll start going “Age Group” in 2020


X Warrior Black Ops

Ideal: 30 Kilometers

Realistic: 25

The only race that will get its own specific goal. The “Big Race” for 2019 is the X Warrior Black Ops Titan, a 12-hour multi-lap event. I looked up the finishing distances for this event last year and quickly had to scale back my goals as the initial goal would have me trying to win this event which would be nice but is wildly unlikely happen. Now one other facet to this goal is wanting to run a “Strong Lap” which means carrying a sandbag for an entire lap.



Goal: 5 friends to sign up

Scaling this one back for the first time. Honestly, I just want to find some friends to run maybe one fun lap but other than that I’m ok with this goal being lowered.


Blog Goals

Goal:  Get to 120 articles.

Why not use the goal from last year? I’ll have more race related posts this year, plus I think the weekly updates maybe more interesting while I’m training for Black Ops so I plan on writing them until that event.




2018 will be tough to beat in terms of enjoying OCR as much as did, again. I’m excited about the events I already have booked for 2019 though, and having Black Ops thrown in there is very interesting as it’s out of my comfort zone quite a bit. Hopefully I can push myself enough to do hit my goals but not fade out before finishing all the races needed to earn my axe. Now I need to get back to a workout so we’ll talk to you in the next article.


Scotty Voodoo
I am a proud father & husband. A former semi-pro skier, turned rugby 7’s player, I’ve now worked to become a OCR racer. If I was a superhero I would probably be power nap man.
A level 2 NCCP certified coach, I also hold coaching certifications in 3 sports.

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