2018 Races Done, Now What?

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Having finished all the races I had planned for 2018 just over a month ago I’m at the “What’s Next?” point. After a couple of weeks of taking it easy and just purely focusing on strength training I got back to the OCR planning board. First on the list was internally debating whether or not I was going to run the X Warrior X Run again this fall. While it’s a fun event, the lack of competitiveness and obstacles were the two biggest reasons I was thinking of skipping it for 2018. However, my kids enjoyed the kids lap so much last year that they started asking when it was this year. After knowing that I would be signing them up I started to rethink not running myself, I mean if I’m going to take them over I might as well run myself. Then my thoughts turned to, how can I increase the challenge then?  Then something one of my OCR/social media friends did a few months ago for the Calgary Half-Marathon popped into my head. RUN IT IN A 20-POUND WEIGHT VEST!!


Not only could I do this to increase the challenge but I also could do as a challenge in order to raise money for charity. The wheels were now in motion so after a little leg work, finding two other like-minded people to join in, found a charity that I feel very aligned with personally to give back to. KidSport is a charity that helps children and families overcome the financial hurdles that would otherwise prevent the kids from being able to participate in organized sports. Having benefitted and learned so much in my life from sports, I think this is such an amazing cause and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help even just a small amount. If you want to donate and help us reach our goal of $750, click on this link to donate. If we manage to double our goal one of my teammates has decided to run in a 75-pound vest which is crazy and yet I really want to make him do it so please help us out.


After coming up with this idea my thoughts turned to 2019. 2016 my goal was my Spartan Trifecta, 2017 was focused on running Sprint distance races and this year was focused on bettering my results from last year. Have accomplished these goals and having pretty much stuck to short distances the last two years I wanted new challenges, enter the “Event of the Year” and the “Battle-axe”. Now for those who don’t know X Warrior Challenge has a trifecta of sorts of their own called the Battle-Axe where upon completing 4 different events instead of earning a new medal you earn, you could probably guess it, a Battle-Axe or in this year’s case more of a battle-hatchet. Now the key event and the most difficult in both terms of limited entries and actual race difficulty is their overnight, multi-lap event the Titan 12-Hour Black-Ops. Having heard nothing but amazing reviews I sat at my computer this past Monday waiting for registration to open and then was lucky enough to grab one of the few entries for the race. Having got in to this race it made my focus for 2019 on the whole Battle-Axe as I’m not going to put myself through this race if I’m not going to at least attempt to earn that award. So now I have 9 months almost to the day to work on going from only exclusively on sprints to be ready for my toughest OCR test yet. Excited and nervous are definitely the two most prevalent feelings I have right now. There it is, my plan for the next month and the next year are decided far earlier than the past few years. If you’re running Black-Ops as well drop me a comment below and we can keep in touch for motivation and training.



Scotty Voodoo
I am a proud father & husband. A former semi-pro skier, turned rugby 7’s player, I’ve now worked to become a OCR racer. Against most other people’s better judgment I’ve signed up to earn the 2019 X Warrior Challenge Battle-Axe. Wish me luck.
A level 2 NCCP certified coach, I also hold coaching certifications in 3 sports.

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