Race Build-Up: X Warrior Challenge Stadium Sprint 2018

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I was so busy getting ready for the X Warrior Stadium Sprint this weekend I totally forgot to post my race preview. Now I have detailed most of my training for the last few months already so rather than completely repeat myself I’m just going to talk about the week of the race and what I think made a big difference from this last training period.


Heading into the first race of the year I’m feeling good. Overall, I feel like my nutrition has improved drastically. My food actually feel like it’s fueling me as opposed to hindering my efforts.  I’ve dropped 10 lbs. from this time last year so I know that alone will make a big impact on my running speed and the amount of effort I have to use on obstacles leading to faster times hopefully. Having said that though I’m also lifting significantly more than I was a year ago so while lighter I am stronger so again I’m expecting that will make for an enhancement as well. My running I’m under certain about leading into this race. Last year I know I ran too much for me and it led to significant burn out. I’ve been trying a quality over quantity approach for this race, but if you’ve read any of my weekly updates you’ll know I haven’t been very consistent following my own plan. The last facet I’ve put in more work into in my grip strength. The change to my routine I think will have the biggest impact on that area is doing pull-up s and chin-ups to failure after every run when I’m already tired. After hitting failure, I do 20 burpees, then go to 50% of that whatever number I just hit. This has increased the amount of reps I can do comfortably and more significantly when already tired.


The week building into the race was a chance to see if I’ve actually figured my tapering yet. My very first OCR I ran my taper was awful in terms of its effect on my performance. I did no workouts and very little movement, while eating poorly thinking I already had done enough to be ready. As a result, I ran slow and felt week on the carries. For a couple of my later races I pushed to hard trying to “cram” in the late stages prerace and then was burnt out heading into the race. Now I’m trying to hit the “porridge zone”, not too hot or too cold.


The structure of my taper week for X Warrior looked like:

Monday – Really Hard Lower Body Workout

Tuesday – Really Hard Upper Body Workout and A Race Pace Short Run

Wednesday – Relaxed Bodyweight Only Total Body Workout

Thursday – Short, Slow, Easy Shake Out the Legs Type Run

Friday – Yoga and Extra Mobility Stretches

Saturday – Race Day


The two workouts to start the week had me feeling sore but good (people who workout a lot know what I’m saying) and the Tuesday run helped to loosen that up. The whole-body protocol functioned to both feel like a good last muscle push while still being easy enough to help flush out the system to be ready for the weekend. The run on Thursday was the shortest of my whole running plan over the last few months and was meant really to serve in just keeping my legs race ready. Friday felt incredible, I started off doing a 45-minute yoga session followed by almost 30 minutes of extra mobility stretches. This not only helped release any sore muscles before race day but also helped me get my mind focused in for the next day as well.


Will all this work pay off? I feel pretty good but I guess we will have to see post-race.



Scotty Voodoo

I am a proud father & husband. A former semi-pro skier, turned rugby 7’s player, I’ve now worked to become a OCR racer. I also make some pretty killer grilled chicken thighs.

A level 2 NCCP certified coach, I also hold coaching certifications in 3 sports.

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