Weekly Training Post: Week 5, 2018

4-0-300 Blog 061


Week 5 was another success in my eyes. I did have a setback midweek where the end of January was the bookended with food poising to compliment the start of the month (esophageal spasms). This meant I wasn’t able to get all my runs finished, also partly due to weather and partly due to schedule as well. However, the cardio sessions later in the week felt ok considering how bad I had felt and I was still able to get in a good amount of strength sessions as well.


The one run I did get in before the craziness was really good, my splits and pace were faster than usual but more importantly it felt easy and right in line with where I’m focusing on keeping my heart rate right now. I think for me the new strategy of not running myself to death in an effort to get faster and instead focusing on less frequent but higher quality, more attentive runs is paying dividends. I no longer dread run days and I’m also seeing a spike in results, so this is something I’m going to keep going for a while. It also means I’m able to keep up with the dog a little more closely which is a nice extra so I’m not getting pulled through the first 3k of a run to start.


That was Week 5, so far into Week 6 I’m feeling really good so I’ll tell you about it next week.


Also, if you’re interested in running the X Warrior Challenge Stadium Sprint and want some extra swag or have someone to run with, we are putting together a team. As of right now if we get the people who are “committed” to actually sign up we have 10 but are looking to get over the 20-racer mark. Comment below, or message us and we’ll show you how to sign up or switch from “Individual” to “Team”.




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