Weekly Training Post: Weeks 1 to 3 of 2018

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Well I already fell behind on my goal to post weekly updates on my training although when you see how training has gone these past couple of weeks it will make much more sense.


Week 1 started on January 1st which was kind of awesome as it’s perfect to get rid a lot of excuses by it being the start of the year, start of the week, start of a month all in one. Now my plan for this week was to hammer home 3 or 4 hard strength sessions, as my running component didn’t start until Week 2. Boy did that come to quick stop.


I had my weights out ready to start when I felt a little light-headed so I grabbed a quick handful of macadamia nuts, and then WHAM!! Awful chest pains, I took a sip of water…nothing felt better everything was getting worse. I looked at my wife and said: “I’ve got to go to the hospital!” A few hours later, numerous tests later turns out I had experienced Esophageal Spasms which basically feels like a heart attack but is no near as serious which was good, the bad news was I told I had to take 48-72 hours off from any strenuous activity.


During my doctor mandated break, I did get luck though and found some Powerblock adjustable dumbbells in the Facebook Market for an amazing deal, which means I’m now lifting heavier than last year. This is going to help my strength a bunch plus the handle for these is quite thicker than a traditional dumbbell so that will also benefit my grip strength.


The rest of week 1 I was able to get in 2 strength workouts, not lifting as much as I would have liked but I could feel the day in hospital plus the mandated break left me feeling weaker than normal.


Week 2 was an equally crazy eventful week. Monday, I got in a good workout, Tuesday I tried to get in a run but it was so cold and windy that the cold cut right through all my layers and I was only able to fit in half of what I was hoping to do. Wednesday was the best workout I got in all week, then it tailed off as one of my kids needed a small scheduled procedure so that was a bit more a process then we had been told. That meant looking after him for the next few days and really focusing on that, rather than my workouts which in the grand scheme of things aren’t nearly as important. Having said that I got my best workout in on the Sunday, which was a time trial run followed by my hardest programmed workout for the week, that one had my muscles burning and I’m looking forward to more of those.


The third week was where I felt like I was finally able to get into a groove. No missed workouts, however I had to miss my running as I had developed blisters on my feet that were so bad I was walking with a limp which when you work on your feet meant I had to sacrifice training for livelihood. I focused on doing my strength sessions at a high enough tempo that it still worked the cardio a bit since I was unable to run. To finish the week, I hit up FitFest so that felt like a good workout playing on some ninja warrior obstacles and trying some parkour as my blisters were feeling better.


Now feeling 100% and with all of the little hiccups in my schedule over with I’m genuinely excited to really but in some work the next while to prep for X Warrior Challenge in May.



Scotty Voodoo
I am a proud father & husband. A former semi-pro skier, turned rugby 7’s player, I’ve now worked to become a OCR racer.
A level 2 NCCP certified coach, I also hold coaching certifications in 3 sports.


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