Race Review: Kids X Warrior Challenge 2017

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This race review is a little different as I asked my eldest son to give me his take on the kids X Warrior race from back in May. Now I tried to write his responses verbatim so if it’s a little jumbled up or different from what I usually write remember this is a 6-year old’s version. My questions to him are in black and his answers are in green.


Where was the race?  Stampede


What was the weather like? Hot, no actually just fine


What did you think of the festival area? The area with all the tents? The best part was that it had McFlurries


What was the race like? It was like American Ninja Warrior

And what else? It was fun

Was it hilly or flat? Medium


What was your favorite obstacle we did? Umm …. the up down up down (Over under walls)


What did you think about the race was it hard or easy? Medium

What was medium about it? Actually, it was fun

Was it easy? No, medium

What was the easy stuff? The up down up down

What was hard? Nothing


What was your favorite part? The McFlurries and the medal


Would you do it again? Ya, next year I want to again



Lessons Learnt (from the parent’s side):

  • How amazing OCR is for building self-confidence, after the race my son was much more confident in himself and he’s usually quite reserved so it awesome for him
  • Watching the kids take on the course makes me think that this is a legit sport with a chance of being an Olympic sport in my lifetime
  • That it’s quite important to focus on the little fun parts of these events like a McFlurry and the medals, it very easy to take it to seriously


Hopefully you enjoyed this kids recap and now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go get a candy cane then go look over my medal collection from the year.

kids x warrior challenge 2017 under wall

The Big Little
I love Avengers, my stuffies and my little brother. This was my first race.


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