Race Build-Up: Gorilla Run 2017

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Well I’ve been quiet for over a month now but I was incredibly busy. My kids starting school, my grandfather passing away (with subsequent trip to Ontario) and just settling into the new routine of the school year has kept me busy. One of the other things taking up my time has been preparation for a new race the Gorilla Run. This is unique challenge for me as this is a pure running race not my usual OCR or even the X Runs that X Warrior puts on. I think the last time I did a plain running race was grade 9 cross-country so it’s been a little while. I was very interested in the challenge this event presented as I’ve spent this year training for sprints only and haven’t run more than 10k in training and this race is longer than that. Plus, I’m one of the OCR runners who looks forward to the obstacles and only runs (or trains running) to get to them faster so I can’t definitely say it’s not my strongest suit. Now what first caught my eye for this event was the name Gorilla Run so I had to click and see what it was about. After misreading the race distance, I decided it was an interesting event and it raised money for gorilla conservation in Africa so I signed up. The structure for the Gorilla Run is a solo 16K (10 Miles) or you can tackle the same race as a team of up to 4 people. Where I misread before I signed up was I thought it said 10K not 10 Miles so this would be my longest race of the year and it was too late to back down now.


I didn’t post my training plans this time due to being busy and because I usually fail to follow my own plan so this time I figure I would work hard in silence and let the results speak for themselves. My training for this race started about 5 weeks before the race. Rather than following a set plan I tried to create my own. So, starting in week 1 for my first training run of the week would be for as much distance as possible before having to walk, the second run that week would be for half of amount of time run 1 took me, and then run 3 would be pushing the distance of run 1 by a kilometer. I really liked and thrived in this routine, not having a preset time or distance for run 1 made it easier for me to stick to this running program and forced to push to try reach the distance of the race, however I did have a setback in week 4 as I usually had time to run while my kids were in school but that week my boys had the early school year bug that seems to always go around so I was home watching after them instead of running. Which meant I was never able to get quite up to the distance of the race instead my longest training run of 8K came on my last good distance race of my taper week. After that I was taking it easy in preparation for the race.


Another factor for this event that I’ve never really encountered before was the fundraising which I had a modest goal of raising $50 dollars to be donated to the cause, which I was very happy to surpass and was able to raise over $100 for gorilla conservation which as a parent of two kids who love nature makes me feel really good.


Going into the race my goals were pretty simple and had different levels to them. Now remember that I’m not a “runner” so these are pretty basic to a those who train just for that.

Level 1 – was just to finish before the award ceremony that was taking place 2.5 hours after the start.

Level 2 – was sub 2 hours.

Level 3 – was to hold my training pace of 6:30/K which would be a finish time of about an hour 45 minutes.

The way the course is structured wasn’t 16K of the same loop but instead was instead 4 different 4K laps which should help break up the race from being too monotonous since I don’t have obstacles to look forward to.

At check in the day before I felt really out-of-place as I was one of the shortest people there (even most of the women were taller than me and I’m average height) and probably one of the most muscular builds (again I’m average not that bulky). Everyone was pretty much a “runners build” but here am I the OCR athlete who looks forward to the heavy carries and the like. But there was nothing left to do before the race other than hydrate, get a good night’s sleep then show up and get it done in the morning.


I’ll have my race review up hopefully later this week so then you can find out how I did in my first road race.



Scotty Voodoo
I am a proud father & husband. A former semi-pro skier, turned rugby 7’s player, I’ve now worked to become a OCR racer.
A level 2 NCCP certified coach, I also hold coaching certifications in 3 sports.




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