Race Build-Up: Calgary Spartan Sprint 2017

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It’s been a quick turnaround since the Red Deer Sprint with only 3 weeks to train up for my focus race for the year. Red Deer was surprising seeing how much Spartan has beefed up their Canadian races this year, as in the past Red Deer was always a relatively easy race but not this year, which since Calgary has always been my worst performing race is not encouraging. This will be my third year in a row running the Calgary race, year 1 was my introduction to the sport, I was coming off a bug and running with my sister-in-law at pace to just finish. Last year I was disappointed with my pacing as I went out way too hard to start and bonked which is frustrating in a sprint, which is when this race became my focus for 2017.


I had a good start to the year at X Warrior Challenge, not so great Red Deer race, so I’m hoping to bookend the year well as this is probably my last race this year (We need more races here). However, training hasn’t been great, mostly just the motivation to run has been seriously lacking in that I haven’t run since the Red Deer race so that’s not promising but my obstacle training is going well so hopefully I can make up some time on the obstacles and earn a respectable time.


The other highlight for this weekend will be volunteering at the Sunday Super which I’m very interested to see how that fit that into such a small area. Look for my race review and volunteering experience review next week.


Scotty Voodoo
I am a proud father & husband. A former semi-pro skier, turned rugby 7’s player, I’ve now worked to become a OCR racer.
A level 2 NCCP certified coach, I also hold coaching certifications in 3 sports.


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