Race Review: X Warrior Challenge Calgary 2017

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Location:  Stampede Grandstand, Calgary, Alberta


Weather: Since it’s the start of spring it felt warmer than the actual temperature of 16°C


Festival Area: There were lots of vendors and gyms in festival area. Everything from McDonald’s handing out McFlurries, car/motorcycle dealerships showing of the 2017 models to a Ninja gym with a salmon ladder and warped wall. Icebug was there showing off their shoes, which I do need to try one of these days.


Course Conditions: Dry and quick out on the track, of course when the race went indoor it was controlled and nice.


Course Layout: For me I broke this course down into quarters. The first quarter was a quick bend around some wall on the track then quickly turned into stair climbing. The beginning of which was in the seating area of the larger grandstand then indoors for a spider climb up more stairs with two quick wall climbs, then back into the outdoor’s stadium stairs. After going downstairs, we went outside and into the next quarter of the race which was along the chuckwagon racing track. This section had a body prop, tip of the spear, a ring rig and barbed wire crawl for obstacles. The second half started with the third quarter being mostly on pavement as we weaved around the horse barns and back entrance of Stampede Park, along the way we did a relatively long ape crawl, the first sandbag carry which was on pretty flat terrain, had to do a tire flip although I will not complain about this one as it was pretty light, also had a Z Wall to climb. The final section had us coming into the smaller grandstand and rodeo arena. We had a tire carry  where you could use any technique (farmer’s carry, resting on your shoulders, etc.), axe throw, the second sandbag carry which was on pretty steep stairs so was quite tougher then the first. The last obstacles were the rope climb and Dragon’s Back before a short dash to the finish.


Favorite Standard Obstacle: For this race, my favorite obstacle would probably have to Dragon’s Back, I’ve never tried it before heard lots about it. I had people around who fell victim to its intimidating look but once you try it’s actually really easy and fun. I flew through this one which was a great way to finish the race.


Favorite Unique Obstacle: Axe throw, was so much fun. I think I picked a dull axe as on my first and third throws I thought I hit pretty square on but oh well that’s how it goes, burpees.


Favorite Aspect (not obstacle): As a giant Calgary Stampede rodeo nerd, it was so cool going through the barns, the main stock chute and rodeo infield. Such a unique and cool venue.


Race Synopsis: I had my best sprint ever on an unbelievable course. X Warrior Challenge is very well put together race, the obstacles were very similar to Spartan so for my first non-Spartan it wasn’t a far departure from my norm. I wrote a more in-depth description for the Overcome and Run Blog so if you want more details, check that one out.



Total Burpees: 40 burpees and 40 mountain climbers

The penalties at X Warrior are either 20 burpees or 40 mountain climbers depending on the obstacle you fail. I failed the ring rig as once my momentum stopped I couldn’t reach the second last ring, very frustrating. As I said I also failed the axe throw, then shortly after my nemesis the rope climb made me do the mountain climbers. I got halfway on the rope and one day I’ll figure out the last half of it.




Access A+
Course Layout A+
Incorporation of Site A+
Course Marking A+
Location A+
Overall A+


Biggest Critique: I had to find one and it’s super little but calling every obstacle the “X whatever” seemed a little over the top. But really that’s such a small criticism and really I think it’s more of me problem.


Lessons Learnt: My taper week plan paid off and clearly my offseason while not perfect has paved the way for good results. With two more races on the horizon if I keep following my nutrition and WODs I’m sure I’ll keep improving. I’m very close to my time goal for the year so I’m working hard to get it.

Scotty Voodoo

I am a proud father & husband. A former semi-pro skier, turned rugby 7’s player, I’ve now worked to become a OCR racer.
A level 2 NCCP certified coach, I also hold coaching certifications in 3 sports.



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