Race Review: X Warrior Challenge – X Resolution Run

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Location:  East Village, Calgary, Alberta


Weather: Cold, no sugar-coating that one. High of -11°C during the heat I did. When it “warmed up” for the later heats it was only a degree or two.


Festival Area: Looked to be setup really well, however I felt awful for the vendors as it was so cold no one was looking at the tents. All the racers emerged from their nice warm cars about 5 minutes before the heat started. Afterwards you could grab a hot chocolate from a food truck but again most people just scattered. Icebug was on hand with a demo fleet of their studded winter running shoes which was a good idea, heard some positive feedback from those who used them.


Course Conditions: Snow covered but not icy, so at least we were able to stay upright at least.


Course Layout: So just like the fall X Run this run is not a true obstacle course race as there are no obstacles, and you aren’t timed. This one started in one of the older parts of downtown Calgary then over to the summer hot spot of Prince’s Island, crossing the bridge over towards Memorial Trail was the halfway point to start looping backing on the opposite side of river. Along the route you encounter 10 “Penalty” zones or as I call them “Challenge” zones every half kilometer or so. At these stations, you did exercises like burpees, push-ups, air squats, V sit-ups, mountain climbers or burpee jacks all of which are optional though. Crossing the George C. King Bridge was the last big landmark before the last Challenge station and the finish line.


Favorite Challenge Station: Like the X Run no obstacles on this race means I have to creative here. The last station was Burpees what made this one fun was instead of the posted amount you actually rolled a Triantakohedron, which is a fancy name for 30-sided die, the number it landed on is the number of burpees you did. The little bit of chance made you forget how cold you were for a quick second so it was appreciated.


Favorite Aspect (not obstacle): Getting back in the warm car after. No in actuality it was testing myself in the coldest race I’ve done by a long way. That little mental push is always a nice reminder of what you can do.


Race Synopsis: Much like its predecessor this was a fun little OCR light, and was a great way to start of 2017. I felt really good for the most part, struggled with a little frostbite on my toes from my time ski coaching during the early stages but once the blood got flowing I felt much better. Was able to run the whole, not fast as my frozen foot didn’t want to push off hard but still it’s a small victory.




Access A+
Course Layout A+
Incorporation of Site A
Course Marking A+
Location A+
Overall A+



Biggest Critique: This is actually a small critique really but one of the stations was right before you went under a bridge that had perfect I-Beams for pull-ups. Personally, I would’ve changed the exercise at that particular station to dead hangs or pull-ups to incorporate the existing site but that’s a gut feeling.


Lessons Learnt: Much like October the biggest take away is how well X Warrior does events, I can’t wait for their Stadium race in May. Also, just how far you can push yourself, there were so many opportunities to make excuses with this race (New Year’s Day, cold, lack of parking. Blah blah) but if you commit to it you can achieve anything.



Scotty Voodoo
I am a proud father & husband. A former semi-pro skier, turned rugby 7’s player, I’ve now worked to become a OCR racer.
A level 2 NCCP certified coach, I also hold coaching certifications in 3 sports.




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