Product Review: Spartan SGX 30 Day Challenge

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Alright so this going to be my first Product/Program Review so this is kind of the first test of that layout, so please if you have any feedback or critique feel free to leave a comment at the bottom. I want to get this right so it can help out as many people as possible.


Product: Spartan SGX 30 Day Challenge


Made By: Spartan SGX (the coaching branch of Spartan Race)


Cost: Free


Designed for: While it seems to be a relatively entry-level program for the first time Spartan Racer, I wouldn’t recommend it to someone just starting to get in shape as there are 1-4 days were some of the exercises might be a little difficult if you’re not already somewhat physically fit.


Additional Requirements/Materials: Sandbag, Bucket, Pull-Up Bar


Overview: Released midsummer 2015 this program was designed to help get people ready for Spartan Races by doing mostly short but intense workouts for 30 days. The daily workouts usually took no more than 30 minutes except for some of the longer run days. For me, I could feel that it worked the muscles you use during the races especially those used for running, heavy carry and hanging obstacles. Having used this program exclusively building up to a modified OCR race, the program helped me get to point where I felt ready for a Sprint type distance (5K) but not much more than that, I definitely wouldn’t use it to get ready for a Super or longer. It also prepared you to be able to complete the standard obstacles you would encounter while racing but could probably have worked those muscles more especially as it tapered off those muscle quite early. While relatively basic it is quite effective as during the race I never felt like I needed more training sessions maybe just a few reps some days. The running portion worked well as during the race my only running issues that effected my time were unrelated to program but instead were injuries picked up prior to the program. For me I would give this program to my gym buddies the first time they decide to run a OCR, or people I know are already physically ready for a race but want to work obstacle specific muscles to get prepared.


My Personal Tips: Be prepared for some intense days

A lot of the hardest workouts are designed to ease up towards the end, so just get started and you’ll feel so much better as it begins to lighten up

Move days around to work the program into your schedule but try to stick the order as much as possible for maximum effectiveness



Top Pros: Free

Mostly quick non time-consuming workouts that can be done anywhere

Pretty Simple to figure out



Biggest Cons: Feels like it tapers too early for the race day

Could probably have an “Advanced” stream or amount of reps to prepare those who want to use it for racing faster, not just finishing



Conclusion: For a free program it was really good, it will help you get ready for your first race of the season or first race ever. For the seasoned racer it won’t help you get a whole lot faster or stronger but you can use a lot of the workouts in addition to those you already use to help work on obstacle specific muscles, I know that’s how I plan on using it. The workouts with knees-to-elbows and pull-ups will be getting mixed into my plans for races next year.

quitting is not acceptable spartan

Scotty Voodoo
I am a proud father & husband. A former semi-pro skier, turned rugby 7’s player, I’ve now worked to become a OCR racer.
A level 2 NCCP certified coach, I also hold coaching certifications in 3 sports.
Use promo: WCSTSCOTTM to save 15% for Western Canadian Spartan Races

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