30 Day Challenge: Days 12-14 plus Days 8-11 Results

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Day 8 was a 2-mile interval run where you sandwiched a 1 mile “All-Out” run between to half mile easier paced runs. This was almost like a rest day as after doing these workouts a quick run seems pretty easy.

Day 9 was a 75-minute Run/Hike where you ran for the first 2 miles then walked the remaining time, this day worked out really well as our Border Collie had her checkup that day and is carrying about 7 extras pounds so I was able to get her out for a good run and help her start shedding some weight.

Day 10 & 11 had to switch places for so I did the “Spa Day” which for me was taking the kids for their swimming lessons the day before I did the descending intervals of push-ups, pull-ups and knees to elbows. Now that workout was brutal. After I was done I liked it, but during I wanted to quit so many times. It’s one I will probably put in my arsenal for another time as I felt like it makes you prepared for races and felt like I had a good muscle burn after just the first time doing it. My arms are still hurting today, my time was 19:40.1 I’m not sure if that’s a good time for that workout having never done it before, if anyone following has tried post your time in the comments so I have some sort of idea.


Now on to the new stuff:

Day 12 is two a day. First up this morning 10x 30 seconds sprints with a 3-minute rest in between, now for me I’m going to have to do it dragging a wagon full of kids on the way to and from school so that should be interesting as I don’t have time today to get to a field alone. Then in the evening a 2-mile trail run (3k again for the metric people).

Tomorrow Day 13 labelled funny so here’s how I read it. 6 times you do a 1-minute bucket carry with a 2-minute active rest (walking, jogging, burpees whatever your level) in between.

Day 14 is a Rest Day so go all out on the bucket carry on Day 13.


I’ll be back later this week with another recap and to give you the challenges for the upcoming days.


Also quick reminder if you’re in the Calgary Area sign up for the X Run it’s almost sold out so move it. You can also download and follow along with the plan here



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