Race Review: Red Deer Spartan Super 2016

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Location:  Heritage Ranch, Red Deer, Alberta


Weather: Cool autumn day, High of 11°C during the race


Festival Area: Same as last year condensed with lots of vendors, awesome view of the end of the course from the beer gardens too.


Course Conditions: Dry and quick, the trails were in good shape not rutted out at all so it made it easy to run.


Course Layout: Winding through the ranch to start, then into the forest for a good running stretch. For obstacles it was wall heavy to start, with some long running sections between. Back on to the ranch for some more obstacles, a more heavy carry section with some small water crossings. Then running along the riverside leading to a short swim, winding back to the ranch with a small forest section before the final push to the finish line. This final segment was the grip strength section with the muddy barbed wire being almost a slip ’n slide mixed into the middle of this part. Course marking was improved from last year so I didn’t get lost again which was great. It was a good course to run as only the forested areas were single track but still had space to pull off to let faster runners by or for slower runners to let you pass.


Favorite Standard Obstacle: I really enjoyed the walls in this race, I was finally able to find a technique to get over the taller walls by myself, which anytime you accomplish something new it’s a great feeling.


Favorite Unique Obstacle: The short swim was cool, although I forgot to take off my FitBit which I’ve fried a few times so I was swimming like a three-legged dog trying to keep my wrist out of the water.


Favorite Aspect (not obstacle): I really enjoyed running through the ranch just like last year but running the longer distance meant we got to run along the river which for some reason I never thought was there so it added to one of the nicest landscapes there is for Spartan races.


Race Synopsis: This race felt amazing despite shin splints, I was able to run for probably 90% of the race, the course probably helped as did finally finding a decent race pace. For me my trouble spots were the usual grip strength issues but I was fighting through pain so I really had less energy than usual and for a few of them I couldn’t even put up the usual struggle I just fell right off. I was incredibly happy with my time, being able to run always helps cut that down.



Total Burpees: 120

I failed the usual suspects for me: Rope Climb, Multi-Rig, and Monkey Bars mostly due to combination of a lack of grip strength, exhaustion (as they were at the tail end of the course), and muddy hands. This also added up to failing the Herc Hoist which was frustrating for me having finished every other race. But on the good side I finally nailed the Spear Throw during a race.




Access A
Course Layout A+
Incorporation of Site A+
Course Marking A
Location A+
Overall A+


Biggest Critique: New section, so I’ve added this area because while I try not to be a negative person there does seem to be one thing off at each race so maybe by offering feedback it will improve the races. In Red Deer it was the bag check, I don’t know if it just happened to be who was working it that day or a new system but the line moved uncharacteristically slow. I got in line at 9:55 and was in danger of missing my heat at 10:30 when I was still only halfway through the line. Luckily one of organizers grabbed cash from a few of us, we were able to jump the line and throw our bags in.


Lessons Learnt: That I can run at good pace if I can get in groove early rather than taking off way to fast, than crashing out. I still have to work on my grip strength so that no matter how tired I am I can still beat these obstacles. Overall though I took away just how much fun this venue is, I can’t wait to get back there next year.


scottyvoodoo red deer spartan super 2016 running

Scotty Voodoo
Is a proud father & husband. A former semi-pro skier, turned rugby 7’s player, I’ve now worked to become an OCR racer.
A level 2 NCCP certified coach, I also hold coaching certifications in 3 sports.



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