Race Review: Calgary Spartan Sprint 2015

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Location: Wildrose MX park, Calgary, Alberta


Weather: Rainy and actually pretty chilly for August only 13°C, it had been raining all night and for quite a bit of the day before


Festival Area: Spread Out with lots of vendors, not the best spot to watch the course but lots of bleachers near the start and finish for that


Course Conditions: Muddy, slippery and very open to the elements


Course Layout: Lots of hills for the first half which was more run heavy, then flattening out for the second half which became more obstacle dense


Favourite Standard Obstacle: Tractor Pull, having pulled kids around in wagon leading up to this race it was the same arm position and just crushed it


Favourite Unique Obstacle: Start gate shuffle, using one of the MX start gates you had to shuffle the length of it holding up your body almost like a triceps dip position.


Favourite Aspect (not obstacle): Sliding down the hills on our butts, almost like tobogganing. This was unplanned but the rain created what ended up being a really highlight


Race Synopsis: So originally had planned to do this race with my wife, her sister and her sister’s fiancé but illness and a bad knee cut that down to just my sister-in-law and I. With all the precipitation and mud our focus switched from finishing in a really good time to just finishing. The course was slick especially the downhill’s so that created some bottle necks at each descent which had become single track so everyone was waiting their turn. When we did try to run it was hard to get going as every step was bogged down, towards the end it started to firm up as the rain stopped but by then we had given up trying to run. All the grip obstacles were difficult when wet, so it made for an increased challenge. Personally I was a little disappointed in my performance, but for my first race I wasn’t going to get to down on it.


Total Burpees: 120

I failed at the Monkey Bars, Spear Throw, Z Wall and Rope Climb (pretty much the grip strength obstacles)



Access C+
Course Layout A
Incorporation of Site A+
Course Marking A
Location B+
Overall A


Lessons Learnt: That I really needed to work on my grip strength and upper body need some work as years of skiing had really neglected that. Something to work on for my next race

scottyvoodoo 2015 calgary spartan sprint medal

Scotty Voodoo
Is a proud father & husband. A former semi-pro skier, turned rugby 7’s player, I’ve now worked to become an OCR racer.
A level 2 NCCP certified coach, I also hold coaching certifications in 3 sports.


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